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6 Lifesaving Garage Entry Door Must-Haves

Housefires can be immensely destructive and even fatal. Most people go to great lengths to ensure that the inside of their home is protected by installing fire alarms, mapping emergency exits and making sure that their kitchens are safe and up to date. A critical room that many people overlook, however is the garage.   Typically, if a fire starts in the…

Hot Garage

10 Ways to Cool Your Hot Garage

Before moving to Arizona in 2009, I lived in Michigan. I had a job where I worked outside and was used to the cold weather. Once I moved out here, while going to college, I worked for a company where I was installing satellite service and was often in attics during the heat of the summer.   Attics in the summer…

Garage slatwall

How to Build Your Own Garage Slatwall

Lately, I’ve noticed that a trending use of wall space in garages and mudrooms incorporates the ever-versatile slatwall. This type of paneling isn’t anything new, really. The grooves in the wood panels are a classic way to organize any number of things with hooks and buckets. But whenever something is trending, you better believe that a designer put together a package with their name…

Garage Floor Epoxy

8 Reasons for Garage Floor Epoxy

I have a friend who is always out in the garage. If you were to drive by his house, and he was not at work, you would see the garage door open and he would be tinkering on some project that he came up with while he was pondering life on one of his many yearly…

Drywall your garage

9 Reasons to Drywall Your Garage

A friend of mine asked me to look at his new garage and give him my thoughts on drywall.  I have a background in construction and, while not a registered contractor, I’ve got a little bit of game.  Any wise man will seek out information from those that have it and he’s a good friend that I…

benefits of garage door insulation

6 Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

Today we’re going to be exploring the wonderful world of garage door insulation! Sound riveting? Well, admittedly, maybe not. But insanely practical and interesting at least? I hope so because that’s what we’re going for!   So, I’m not sure about you, but this isn’t a topic that was on my radar until recently. In the last two homes I owned, I’m not even sure if the garage…

Garage Decor

Where to Start with Garage Decor

If someone were to ask you to design a space that would tell your story or showcase something defining about yourself, where do you think you would start? You may be inclined to do some deep introspective digging, or maybe you can rattle off any number of likes, loves, and interests. Now, I’m going to throw a curveball here. How could you channel that kind…

How to Install Garage Door Insulation

How to Insulate Your Garage Door

So, you’ve consulted the internet for how to insulate your garage door. Considering if this job is for your mad DIY skills? Or are you thinking that this may be something to hire out? Deep breath, my friend. One of the largest factors with this kind of job is simply how much you want to get your hands dirty. If you can measure and cut, the rest will…

Kids Bike Rack

How Best Store Your Kids’ Bikes in the Garage

My wife and I have three young children, and as time goes on it seems that the stockpile of outdoor playthings continues to grow. Now, I’m truthfully not sad about the amount of joy that this collection of toys produces for my kids (or myself and my wife for that matter). I love being able to watch them whip around corners on…

Retractable Extension Cord

Retractable Extension Cords – 6 Features to Look for Before You Buy

I enjoy woodworking. In my tool arsenal, I have a variety of hand saws and other tools that don’t come equipped with their own battery pack the way my hand drill does. So inevitably, the dance of maneuvering around an extension cord becomes part of the experience. And, let’s be real, it’s not my favorite part by a long shot.…

Garage Keypad

How to Install a Garage Keypad

Garage keypads are something that I have used for nearly 15 years. It is surprising how convenient they can be, especially if you have roommates and friends who like to stop by. Having a truck makes you the friend of anyone moving; having a lot of tools makes you the friend of anyone trying to DIY a project…

Garage Storage Full View

Best Garage Storage Solutions

You did it. You made the call. It’s time. . .  It’s finally time to clean out your garage. Deep breath, my friend. A lot of us have been there – where the mess is finally too much to handle any more. And either something needs to change, or you may just light it all on…

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