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Garage Storage Hooks

12 Ways to Create Garage Sidewall Storage

So, there is this rake that I have always just stashed in the corner of the garage since I have never really had a place to put it. It has sometimes ended up outside where I “forgot” about it, and it was left outside to weather in the Arizona heat. Over the honey-do’s and the projects around the…

Above Garage Door Storage

How to Install Above Garage Door Storage

Being in the house with limited storage options, the garage has definitely been a space our brainstorming juices have run freely.  The goal: to creatively utilize what we have, to store our items accessibly AND aesthetically. Lately, anytime I walk into the garage, that beautiful ceiling with nothing on it besides the garage door opener and the door rails are…

Tidy Toolbox 4

5 Tips for a Tidy Toolbox and Workspace

We work in the garage a lot. And we have 3 kids. So, picture with me, if you will, the happy chaos that can ensue after a summer evening of family quality time doing both – Woodworking chisels, a buffing wheel, woodblocks, and sawdust in one corner, then kickballs, bikes, water squirters, and sidewalk chalk in another. Throw remodeling supplies into the mix when we were touching up paint and…

Garage Ceiling Trusses

How Much Can My Garage Ceiling Hold?

With our new build not having as much storage as our old house, we have gotten creative with where to stash things to keep the house and the garage decluttered. From adding additional shelving in the garage to purchasing cabinet units to store tools, to a tool chest, we are now boldly going where… ok we are installing…

Storage Cabinets

How to Choose the Right Garage Storage Cabinets

My family and I recently moved into a new house. I was chomping at the bit to get my tools set up in my new garage, but as I assessed what we had, I realized that I needed some very different storage solutions than what I had before. I had a vision of what I…


How to Choose the Best Overhead Garage Storage

Ah, the extra boxes and bins. I’m sure you have them too. They lurk in the corners of your closets and garages, waiting for that perfect season or month to become relevant again. The bin full of foam pumpkins and fall leaves, the box bursting with tinsel and ornaments. The one size of outgrown clothes…

Art Supplies

7 Ways to Fix Up Your Garage for The Mrs. Incredible In All of Us

When you think of garages you think of a guy’s space. A space for men to do manly things in the manliest of ways. However, as a twenty-first-century woman, I for one know this is bonkers and the space in a garage goes beyond the stomping ground for dads. The space of the garage is…

epoxy garage floor

Best Epoxy for Garage Floors

When we moved into our new house, I knew I wanted to put some money into the garage. Growing up my dad always had an immaculate garage and I remember how easy it was to maintain and clean when he epoxied the floor. Because of that, I wanted to make sure I epoxied our garage floor as soon as we…

garage floor sweet

Why Does My Garage Floor Sweat

Why Does My Garage Floor Sweat?  My dad and I were talking on the phone the other day. He lives in Florida and I am out here in Arizona. He was giving me the rundown on a few projects he has been working on, and he was saying he was having some issues with his…

concrete crack

How to Tackle Garage Floor Cracks

I recently went to a buddy’s house to see how he was doing with his latest project. He told me that he was planning to change the look of the flooring in his garage. He had some large foam mats that he wanted to throw away so he could add sealant and epoxy to the concrete for…

floor epoxy garage

How To Prep, Seal, and Epoxy Your Garage

When we lived in our old house, I never worried too much about sealing or painting the garage floor. We had a large crack in the concrete floor from the house settling, and I never saw a good reason to try to repair it. When it came to the new house though, I wanted to have the garage floor sealed and painted with epoxy. So, before…

Cleaning Your Garage Floor

How To Clean A Garage Floor

At our old house, maintaining the garage itself was always somewhat of a project. The garage floor had splatters of paint, grease, wood stain, oil, and other stuff that I was never able to identify. Whatever it was, it was a stubborn material that was very difficult to remove. Even though we eventually sold that house and now have…

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