What is a Smart Garage Door Lock? (And is it Right for You?)

Have you ever driven to work or the store only to suddenly realize once you’ve arrived that you aren’t sure if you remembered to close your garage door? When this happens, your options are limited – you could shop fast and hope for the best (but really be stressing out about it until you got back). You could drive all the way back home and double check yourself – wasting time, energy, and gas. Or you could always call someone to check your garage door. (But, in truth, hoping that your neighbor is home, or your brother-in-law has the time to drive over, can add its own level of stress). 

So, what if we told you there is a way for you to stay up to date with the exact status of your garage door from virtually anywhere in the world? Well, thanks to modern technology there is: the smart garage lock!  

What is a Smart Garage Door Lock? 

Smart garage door locks blend time-tested locking methods with modern technology, adding convenience to security. These locks come in a variety of types to suit nearly all situations and budgets and are produced by many industry-leading security focused companies.  

What is a Smart Garage Door Lock & Is it Right For You - Smart garage door locks blend time-tested locking methods with new technology, adding convenience to security. These locks come in a variety of types to suit nearly all situations and budgets and are produced by many industry-leading security focused companies.

By keeping you informed and in control of your garage door at all times via a smartphone platform, you can take out the hassle of contacting other people or driving back home because of a moment of uncertainty. Below we will look at a brief history of smart garage locks, some of the top brands available, and a few reasons why every garage fanatic should consider getting a smart system of their own.  

Next Gen Home Security 

Almost since time immemorial humans have used barricading, sealing, and locking methods to protect themselves and their things. For the last hundred and fifty plus years this duty has been held by your standard pin-tumbler lock, which was invented in 1848.  

Today, smart garage locks are just the most recent iteration on this ancient idea of “locking up.” These add a layer of technology to the dead-bolt latch. By connecting this traditional lock to a power supply, wi-fi, and to a dashboard on your smartphone, you can have continuous access to your garage door.  

While smart locks have been used in commercial settings for at least the last couple of decades, their rise in home use has coincided with the increased popularity of the smart phone in the last 15 years or so. By now major mainstream lock providers such as August, Kwikset and Schlage have their own smart lock offerings. If you are a homeowner who is serious about home security, this gadget is worth giving consideration to. And here’s why . . . 

Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Smart Garage Lock 

Most garages have a remote entry nowadays. Traditionally, these create their own level of security, as do garage keypads. Having a “smart” opener connected to your phone adds the step of awareness – is your garage open or closed? A smart lock completes the package – is the deadbolt latched? In short, this combo is much more secure than your traditional garage door opener and remote. 

Here’s a breakdown of other reasons to consider: 

  • Smart Garage Locks provide you with the real-time information of your garage door status, ensuring you never accidentally leave it open or unlocked again. 
  • They eliminate the need for your garage door opener’s standard remote – which can be stolen and uses codes that can be easily spoofed by tech-savvy burglars. (In fact, with the right tools your garage door can be hacked in as little as 10 seconds, as you can see in this video.) 
  • They give you the ability to monitor who is coming and going through your garage via alarms or notifications. (Are the kids home from school? Did your neighbor return the hedger he borrowed?)  
  • These keep the garage door opener with you via your smart phone, so it’s never left in the car. Read more here: 7 Handy Ways to Add Security to Your Garage
  • Gives you options and ability to integrate a camera into some systems, providing you with a real-time view of your garage. 

The Top Smart Garage Locks Available on Amazon 

Sound good so far? If you’re ready to start looking at options, do know that there are a variety of quality smart locks from reputable companies to consider. Features to keep an eye out for include compatibility with an existing security system, encryption, type of smartphone app, as well as stand-alone products vs. whole system upgrades. Below we have listed some of the top picks for smart garage locks available on Amazon. 

Best Smart Garage Door Opener: Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener 

If you are looking to replace your old garage door opener with a completely new system, the Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener is a great choice. This particular smart garage door opener comes with a variety of useful features such as a wireless keypad, dual function wall control, two additional remotes and the easy-to-use myQ smartphone app. The myQ app allows you to manage deliveries and control your garage door from anywhere your phone has service. The garage door opener is quiet when operated and comes with 100 billion code encryption to help prevent hacking.  

Best Smart Garage Door Opener for Existing Systems: Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 

If you aren’t ready to ditch your old garage door opener just yet, consider adding this Chamberlain model in order to add smart functionality. This smart garage door opener can be added to most existing systems made by major manufacturers after the year 1993. To install, you will simply need a source of reliable Wi-Fi within 50 feet of the myQ Smart Hub. Once installed, you will be able to access standard smart garage door features such as remote open and closing and garage door notifications straight on the myQ app. Best of all, you can grant guest access to up to three additional users.  

Best Smart Garage Door Opener with Camera: Atomi Smart Garage Door Opener  

If your garage door opener was manufactured after 1993 and has a standard safety sensor, you’ll be able to easily install this garage door opener to unlock additional smart features and functionality. The best feature this particular model has is a built-in camera, which allows users to keep tabs on their garage via video monitoring through the included smartphone app.  

Most Compatible for Existing Garage Door Openers and Smart Systems: Nexx Smart Wi-FI Controller NXG-200 

If you want a garage door opener that you can control with a smart assistant such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, this opener from Nexx Smart will do the trick. Besides all the standard smart garage door opener features, this particular model also has smart geo-fencing technology that allows your garage door to open automatically once you drive within a predetermined range. Be sure to check the manufacturers website to ensure compatibility with your existing garage door opener before purchasing.  

Easiest to Install Smart Garage Door Lock: August Smart Lock and Connect Wi-Fi Bridge 

This lock from August is best suited for those who are looking to lock an external or internal garage door that has an existing deadbolt. This is because the smart lock installs over your existing deadbolt hardware. Installation is easy and can be accomplished with nothing but the system and a screwdriver, often in as little as ten minutes. Once installed, you will be able to remotely lock and unlock the deadbolt along with monitoring the door’s status and granting remote keyless access, all from the August app. 

Final Thoughts on Smart Garage Locks 

Smart Garage Door Locks add convenience and peace of mind. If you’re heading off to work or out of town on vacation, knowing for certain that the door is closed, and the deadbolt is in place can keep your headspace clear for other more pressing (or relaxing) things.   

Smart locks for your garage are new tech, so there may be a learning curve at first. But for the homeowner who is serious about adding those extra layers of security to their home, investing in this kind of lock is a must! Do your research, compare products and see if this piece of security would be a good fit for your home.  

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about good smart garage security practices. For more about garage security, be sure to check out the rest of our articles on The Garage Junkie (we have great info for all your garage DIY and FYI needs too!). And as always, thank you for reading!