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What is a Smart Garage Door Lock_ (1)

What is a Smart Garage Door Lock? (And is it Right for You?)

Have you ever driven to work or the store only to suddenly realize once you’ve arrived that you aren’t sure if you remembered to close your garage door? When this happens, your options are limited – you could shop fast and hope for the best (but really be stressing out about it until you got back). You could drive all the…

Seven Handy Ways to Add Security to Your Garage (1)

7 Handy Ways to Add Security to Your Garage

The last thing most people do before heading off to bed for the night is to double check that all of their doors are locked. For most this ritual provides a crucial peace of mind. And while locking your doors is always good practice, you could batten down the hatches like you’re securing Fort Knox and still possibly forget one…

Outdoor Security Lighting For Your Garage (1)

Outdoor Security Lighting for Your Garage

You might not realize it, but your garage most likely holds more items of value than anywhere else in your house. An interesting thought to be sure! But when you consider what the average garage holds: a car, a variety of tools, laundry machines, and maybe even some irreplaceable family heirlooms – it starts to add up.   That fancy Tesla Model X…

Tips & Tricks for How to Install Additional Lighting in Your Garage (1)

Tips and Tricks for How to Install Additional Lighting in Your Garage

One of the most commonly asked questions we get here at The Garage Junkie (aside from wanting to know if we’re available to help clean out your garage) is how to add additional lighting to a garage’s existing set-up. This is an understandable request, as most garages are notorious for being dark and sparsely lit. Luckily for you, we have compiled our best tips and…

Simple Ways to Add Task Lighting to Your Garage (1)

Simple Ways to Easily Add Task Lighting to Your Garage, With Top Picks from Amazon

We’ve all been there, fiddling around with something in our dark garages with chores being made all the more difficult (or dangerous) as we struggle with inadequate lighting for the task at hand. If anything hurts worse than hammering your own thumb, it is only having poor lighting be to blame. If this sounds familiar…

Creative Ways to Change Up Your Garage Part 2 - In need of some fresh ideas for your garage? Welcome to Part 2 of a true Garage Junkie's ideas for a man cave, a hobby room, or a home bar.

Creative Ways to Change Up Your Garage (Part 2)

An Article by Murph, a True Garage Junkie  Welcome to our second installment of Creative Ways to Transform Your Garage! Apparently, I had more to say than would fit in just one article. So, you lucky people are now in for the latter half of my riveting story. My friend had asked me if I had the…

The Best Lighting Types for Any Garage

The Best Types of Lighting for Any Garage

When you think of the quality of lighting in your garage, most people would probably describe it as a dim, uninviting environment akin to the average Law & Order interrogation scene. This is because most garages employ utilitarian florescent lighting. But it doesn’t have to be this way.   With just a little bit of effort you can have…

Creative Ways to Change Up Your Garage 1 (1)

Creative Ways to Change Up Your Garage (Part 1)

An Article by Murph, a True Garage Junkie  I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other day about how the pandemic of 2020-2021 had essentially forced many, if not most, people to stay at home so much that their own homes could feel like a prison. Not a pretty thought, if…

Bring Big Gym Details Home

Big Gym Details to Bring Home to Your Garage Gym

Most people who are serious about being healthy have tried a gym membership at one point or another. And why not? There is a lot of draw for a place that has put money and research into helping people reach their fitness goals. What is inviting about a big gym? Well, for one thing, it’s organized – things are clean and in reach,…

Garage Gym Mirror (1)

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mirror in Your Garage Gym

It was dark. And cold. And the last place I wanted to be was in the musty, confined corner of my garage by myself trying to do bicep curls and burpees. But I was committed. I had already bought the kettle bells. And the power cage. And the yoga mat. I was trying to save money and time by not having…

How to Insulate Your Garage Gym (1)

How to Insulate a Garage Gym

We often have many excuses to skip our gym sessions. Sometimes you convince yourself that you cannot make it to the gym due to bad weather. Why not create a home gym, and stay fit all year round? A garage gym, for instance, requires effort and a little expertise to put up, but once it…

Basics of Insulation (Main) (1)

The Basics of Garage Insulation

Insulating your garage makes a lot of sense, especially if you plan to heat or cool the space for projects. One of the vital steps of this process is choosing the correct materials. Even though you can use the same insulation types for both your house and the garage, areas like the garage door and the ceiling may require some additional research. Whether your…

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