10 Steel, Yet Cheap Garage Cabinets

Let’s face it, none of us are made of money. Many of us DIYers understand the value of some good old-fashioned sweat equity and how that can reduce the dollars and increase the satisfaction of any project. But even then, the cost of materials is still a factor. Being budget-conscious can certainly make your dollar stretch farther. But sometimes when I’ve personally looked at balancing time and cost for a project, there comes a tipping point where buying something outright is the best value. I’ve built a couple of shelves and workbenches, but after putting in the time and materials, I would argue that I really did not save much once the project was completed.  

Being on a budget also takes discipline when it comes to saving up for what would be “better later” versus what would “just be okay now”. But again, I’m about balance. When you are looking to organize or store things in your garage, garage cabinets can be a transforming force for good in your space. And steel cabinets can provide the strength and durability that will typically last longer than other materials. I did some research and am happy to say that your budget and your garage can have your cake and eat it too with these cabinet options to choose from.   

Inexpensive steel garage cabinets can be a major asset if you are trying to get the garage in order. These typically come in three styles: wall cabinets, base cabinets, and tall cabinets. I did some research and selected 10 different garage cabinets around $200 that are hardy enough to get the job done but are still friendly to your wallet. 

Garage cabinets are an investment if you want to get something that is up to the task, can last, and is worth the money. So, finding cheap garage cabinets can be difficult. We are going to go over several options of cheap garage cabinets that are around the $200 mark. The list will be from the cheapest garage cabinets to the more expensive. We will break down the pros and cons of each and will help you find the cabinets that fit your needs and your budget. 

Cheap Garage Wall Cabinets 

If you are looking for cheap garage cabinets that you can hang on the wall, these wall mounted units are the way to go. You will need to make sure that you install them into a stud once you have made your choice. If installed properly, these cabinets will easily fit your garage storage needs. 

1. Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet (Around $100) 

The Homak wall cabinet is a nice little wall cabinet depending on what you are going to be doing with it. If you have a lot of little things that you need to get off the ground and stored away, this is an easy way to make it possible on a budget. This wall cabinet is made of steel and is predrilled for easy installation. It has two adjustable shelves and has a total load capacity of 66 lbs. 

Homak Specs: 
  • Dimensions: 26.75″ x 26.88″ x 12″ 
  • Steel frame 
  • 3 Shelves (2 adjustable) 
  • 22 lbs. shelf weight capacity (66 lbs. total) 

2. Manhattan Comfort Fortress Collection Garage Wall Cabinet (Around $120) 

When looking for cheap garage cabinets, I had to add the Manhattan Comfort Fortress to the list. I really like that these cabinets are made from stainless steel, so I feel more comfortable recommending these cabinets as a durable, affordable option. The cabinet comes with an adjustable shelf that can be completely removed depending on what you are planning on storing in the wall cabinet.  

Manhattan Comfort Fortress Specs: 
  • Dimensions: 30″ x 30.3″ x 12.5″ 
  • Stainless steel frame 
  • 2 Shelves (1 adjustable) 
  • 30 lbs. shelf weight capacity 

3. NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Series Wall Cabinet (Around $120) 

When I was looking for garage storage cabinets, NewAge Products was the company that I ended up going with. These exact garage wall cabinets are what I personally use in my garage. The cabinets are made of 24-gauge steel and are the perfect size for over a workbench. The garage cabinet is powder coated and is scratch resistant. I have not been able to scratch them up when doing projects since I have purchased them six months ago. 

I purchased a full set of the NewAge Products Garage Cabinets. If you would like more information on these products, and other cabinet options that NewAge Products has to offer, check out our article on the topic; “NewAge Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets – Owner’s Review”. 

NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Series Wall Cabinet Specs: 
  • Dimensions: 24” x 12” x 18” 
  • 24-gauge steel 
  • 2 Shelves (1 adjustable) 
  • 100 lbs. total weight capacity 

4. Seville Classics Wall Cabinet with Open Shelf (Around $130) 

I also wanted to add the Seville Classics Wall Cabinet to the list. It is a little different than the typical cabinets with two closing doors. This wall cabinet has a shelf that is open and sits underneath the rest of the closeable cabinet. This allows for a variety of other creative storage and is a great addition for the cost.  

Seville Wall Cabinet Specs: 
  • Dimensions: 36” x 30” x 12” 
  • Steel frame 
  • Open Shelf 

Cheap Garage Base Cabinets 

Base cabinets are another great option when you are trying to add storage on the cheap. There are several ways you can use base cabinets. They can be stored under a work cabinet, or under other shelves that you might have in the garage. Garage base cabinet with casters can give you better, closer, access to your tools while you are working on a project, and the top can be used as a rolling workbench.  

5. NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Series (Around $160) 

The NewAge Products garage base cabinets still fit under the price point set in this article and are a great value for the money. With the cabinet set that I have, the workbench countertop actually sits on the base cabinet. The cabinet has an adjustable shelf. In total, the shelves in the cabinets have a weight capacity of 200lbs. The cabinet is made from 24-gauge steel that is powder-coated. NewAge has an upgrade for their base cabinets where you can purchase rolling casters if you wished. 

NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Series Base Cabinet Specs: 

  • Dimensions: 30″ x 24″ x16″ 
  • 1 adjustable shelf 
  • 24-gauge steel 
  • 200lbs per shelf weight capacity 

6. Manhattan Comfort Fortress Rolling Cabinet (Around $160) 

This Manhattan Comfort Fortress cabinet is fantastic for the price. The base cabinet is made of stainless steel and comes with a closeable cabinet and full extension drawer. This cabinet comes with rolling casters and has a lip that surrounds the worktop surface.  

Manhattan comfort fortress rolling cabinet specs: 
  • Dimensions: 30.3″ x 18.2″ x 31.5″ 
  • 1 adjustable shelf, 
  • 1 full extension drawer 
  • Rolling casters 

7. CRAFTSMAN 4 Drawer Tool Chest (Around $200) 

I grew up with Craftsman tools. My grandfather was a master builder and had generally retired from the craft when I came around. He had a woodshop that he and I spent countless hours working on projects and coming up with contraptions that only a little boy could imagine. Because of that time with my grandpa, I have come to love Craftsman tools.  

This base cabinet is a great buy for the price. It has four fully extendable drawers and comes with drawer liners for added protection. The drawers are rated to hold 50 lbs. of weight, each and comes with rolling casters. The cabinet is made with a combination of 20-gauge and 24-gauge steel and is built to last like all tools from Craftsman should. 

Craftsman tool chest specs: 
  • Dimensions: 26.5” x 18” x 32” 
  • 4 drawer cabinet 
  • Rolling casters (2 swivel, 2 fixed) 
  • 50 lbs. limit per fully extendable drawer 
  • 20-24 gauge steel 
  • Drawer liner included 

8. TANKSTORM Tool Chest (Around $210) 

If you are thrown back to the 80’s with the commercial of Crossfire playing on the TV anytime you read TANKSTORM, you are not alone. (For you youngsters, here is a link to the game so you know what we are talking about) The company name makes me think of a superhero gang that you make up with your buddies when you are little. Anyways, forgiving the name, I was impressed with the base cabinet that TANKSTORM!!! (grabs He-man figure) has come up with. 

This base cabinet comes with two upper drawers for tools and has a normal cabinet underneath. The drawers each have a 40 lbs. weight capacity and are fully extendable. The cabinet allows for additional storage that is secured. The worktop has a lip to keep items from falling off and has a pad that comes with the cabinet to help keep your tools in place. The cabinet is on rolling casters and has several add-ons that are mounted on the side of the cabinet to help manage screwdrivers and other work material. 

TANKSTORM Tool Chest Specs: 
  • Dimensions: 24-1/2″ x13″ x 29-1/2″ 
  • 2 drawers 
  • 1 normal cabinet 
  • 40 lbs. limit per fully extendable drawer 
  • Cold-rolled steel 
  • Powder-coated 

Cheap Garage Tall Cabinets 

Tall cabinets are one of the best ways to get the most storage for the square footage space in the garage. These types of cabinets can give you several options. They typically will have 4-5 shelves, but some can also have coat racks and other options.  

With garage tall cabinets, you will typically have them set in place, knowing that and are not normally moved afterward. We will show you some options with rolling casters, but the majority are meant to stay put once they are constructed. If you would like additional info for how to pick cabinets that re right for your space and needs, check out our article on the topic; “How to Choose the Right Garage Storage Cabinets”. 

9. UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet (Around $240) 

I was impressed with the UltraHD tall storage cabinet and what you were able to get for the money. The frame and the doors are made of steel and are fairly easy to assemble. Kind of like other cabinets in this price range, the metal is thin and can be easier than I would like for them to bend or arrive bent from shipping. Once you have it together though, it is a great cabinet for the money. The cabinet shelves are rated to hold 150 lbs. each, with the entire cabinet having a capacity of 600 lbs. 

UltraHD tall storage cabinet specs: 
  • Dimensions: 36″ x 18″ x 72″ 
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs. total, 150 lbs. for each shelf 
  • Rolling casters 
  • Stainless Steel Doors 
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame 

10. Fedmax Metal Storage Cabinet (Around $270) 

If you are looking for cheap garage cabinets but are wanting the most you can get for the money, the Fedmax storage cabinets are one of the best options you can get.  This Fedmax storage cabinet comes with four adjustable shelves, that have a weight capacity of 180 lbs. each and with a total weight capacity of 900 lbs. 

Fedmax metal storage cabinet specs: 
  • Dimensions: 70.86″ x 31.5″ x 15.75″ 
  • 5 shelves (4 adjustable) 
  • 180 lbs. weight capacity per shelf 900 lbs. total 
  • Powder-coated steel frame 

After You Make Your Purchase 

Sorting and storing the things in your garage can be time-consuming but adding the right storage can tip the scales in your favor for winning the organization battle. Saving time by purchasing cabinets rather than building them from scratch will give you more time to tackle other projects. But that doesn’t require that it be expensive. Research your options, and purchase with peace of mind that your things will be stored securely.

Thanks for reading, and as always, be sure to keep it tuned to The Garage Junkie for all of your garage’s FYI and DIY needs!

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