6 Creative Garage Slatwall Ideas

Garage slatwall is one of those things that seems to fit nearly anywhere. The utility these provide make them a force for good in nearly every corner of your garage. And one of the best things about implementing slatwall in your garage is that you are able to redeem areas that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible to use otherwise. Garage slatwall storage can be a creative catchall for any number of day-to-day things in your home.

From tools, sporting equipment, and exercise equipment, to laundry day necessities, craft supplies, or even pet essentials. The narrow space that these fill makes them a versatile storage solution that will adapt to fit your needs and your lifestyle  

Places You Might Want to Incorporate Slatwall in Your Garage 

Slatwall in your garage can be something that you put against the wall over a work surface or on the sidewalls of the garage where you need the most space to be able to open the car doors. It might be something to install on the side of a garage storage cabinet, so you are able to take advantage of what otherwise is just a flat surface. Wherever you install it, the versatility and customization of garage slatwall is a great way to maximize your space.  

Here are several other areas where you might install your garage slatwall: 

  • Garage sidewalls 
  • Back wall above a worktop 
  • Flat side of a garage storage cabinet 
  • Next to an entry door 
  • Above the whole house water filter  
  • Below the central A/C 
  • Above the garage laundry 

Take Advantage of Narrow Spaces with Your Garage Slatwall 

There are a lot of areas in your garage that are often deemed unusable because they might be small or narrow and it is difficult to envision anything of use being done with that space. This does not need to be the case, and you will be surprised at what you might be able to store on your slatwall. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. 


Tools are one of those weird things that some people are super sentimental about, while others may see only the utility and might flip or upgrade to newer ones over time. Others, I swear, multiply like rabbits and you are not sure where these other seven came from… I am looking at you Allen wrenches… Slatwall as a part of your overall garage storage and organization can be a major asset when it comes to sorting and organizing your tools.  

First, your tools will have a determined place, so you will not need to go and buy another pack of screwdriver bits since you already know where the other case is stored. Knowing what you have, or at least being able to assess quickly what you have and need before a project begins will help reduce clutter and will also save you money since you are not buying tools you already own. See our article Tips for a Tidy Toolbox and Workspace for more.  

Second, slatwall over workspaces in your garage can be a simple, yet effective productivity enhancer.  Having things within reaching distance, even if a toolbox is not ideal, can help you find time and make a job easier and quicker. If you make your living in the garage, time is money and implementing slatwall in your garage might be easily considered a raise.  

Third, garage slatwall might fit perfectly for storing tools around your already purchased garage storage. Going back to the sides of your cabinets, there are flat surfaces either on the ends, or maybe, even on the sides of the worktop area that you can take advantage of. You might need to get crafty with the installation, but having slatwall on the sides of the worktop, rather than just the back wall, will give you additional square footage for tools to be placed and will allow for my tools to be within arm’s reach. 

2. Organized Sports Equipment, Wha? 

Oh sports equipment… makes me think of my grandfather’s garage when I was growing up. He was super involved in my life and every weekend my grandparents would keep me and my cousins so our parents could get a break. We loved playing outside and had a ton of sports equipment. I remember bikes, scooters, pogo sticks, soccer and basketballs, lacrosse equipment, etc., etc., etc., stockpiled for when the grandkids came over to play. We didn’t know any better back then, but looking at it now, my grandfather was very gracious to us when it came to us overtaking his space.  

If you are finding yourself buried in sports equipment, or your kids are just coming of age and you are preparing to withstand the onslaught, there is hope for you yet. There are several steps you can take to help better prepare yourself and your garage for all the equipment that being in a sport league acquires. Here are a few steps you can take to organize your sports-living life when using garage slatwall.  

First, slatwall can be an easy way to display, while giving quick access to your sports equipment. Giving the equipment a removed place to air out and dry can be a benefit. As these items will also be in the enclosed garage, it will keep the odorous smells out of the main living area and in a place that will not offend the nasal passageways… 

Second, having sports equipment stored on garage slatwall helps provide easy access for the kids who might not want to wait for game day to use the equipment to go and play out in the yard. Using slatwall will give them a specific place for them to return the items once they are done, and it is also something easy for you as the parent to gauge if they cleaned up after themselves once playtime is over.  

3. Get the Exercise Equipment Out of the Front Room 

Face it, that kettle bell that you were going to use, or those pushup bars from 15 years ago, they are collecting dust… You have probably even forgot about them. That is until you are cleaning out a box or moving something around and accidently stumbled across this neglected exercise equipment. You might get excited for a second, intimidated the next, and finally might find yourself in a closed, dark closet yelling “I am a fat lard!!” I personally have never seen this, just heard it from a friend… 

Back to being productive, there are several options you can take in storing these unused, neglected equipment. Or better, with easy access they might actually get some use. Here are some garage slatwall options that might work for you. 

First, if you can get this equipment out so it can see the light of day, you might be more apt to use it. Providing a little slatwall shrine for your exercise equipment to be stored in the garage might help bring to mind your fitness goals and by designating an area in the garage, you can also add a fitness mat out there so you have an actual place to work out. 

Second, for you avid fitness junkies, the garage can be a gym away from the gym. If you end up missing a morning at the gym, but still want to get a quick workout in, a slatwall setup can have your exercise items visible and ready to use.  

Third, if you are tired of your medicine balls being on the ground since you have no place to store, or you have one of those huge yoga balls taking up too much space, suspending them on a slatwall might be ideal. This will allow you to get these items off the ground and will keep them from getting a grimy. It will also keep it out of reach of little ones who might have their toys in the garage, and they do not know the difference between your exercise equipment and their toys. 

4. Make Laundry Day Easier  

If your washer and dryer are out in the garage, you might already be thinking that it is not an ideal scenario. Implementing garage slatwall is not going to keep you from having to go in and out of the garage to switch your clothes from the washer to the dryer, but it might make other parts of the chore easier to handle. Here are a few options to do just that. 

First, same ideas as having tools nearby, having the soap and fabric softener nearby and easy to access can be a major help on the speediness of the chore. You can have the detergent on a shelf suspended from the slatwall and at an ideal height to dispense and add to the load of laundry. The fabric softener sheets could be hanging from a hook, and easy to grab, for when you transfer the wet clothes to the dryer.  

Second, for delicates, they have those little mesh bags, you can have sitting and at the ready for when you need them. I feel a little inadequate speaking authoritatively when it comes to these mesh bags. I see them show up a lot when my wife and I do the laundry and she usually have a sweater or something in the mesh bag to protect it from the rest of the load. 

Third, garage slatwall can unclutter your laundry area by giving a place to hang your ironing board, iron, mop, and household cleaning supplies. With suspending hooks and baskets, you can give a place to the ironing board, cleaning towels, step stool, and other items that end up just collecting in the laundry area.  

5. Craft Supplies, Hooks, and Baskets, Oh My! 

Growing up, I remember my mother being big into crafts. I also remember that craft material, crafts themselves, bins for storing, and items for selling were all over. If your garage is more than a place to park the cars, if it is also a place where you do your arts and crafts, slatwall in the garage might be a huge benefit for you.  

First, if you have the space for implementing a large slatwall, you can breakdown your equipment for making your crafts from one end to the other. This will allow for more productivity and faster cleanup. It will also provide a place for your craft supplies, so you know where they are, and you are less likely to misplace.  

Second, just like having your tools and equipment laid out and at the ready, having your craft material displayed and easy to access can be just as beneficial. This will allow for easier handling of the materials you use, will display what you have so you do not over or double purchase, and will keep things at a minimum so you have the most possible space to do your work and store your items. 

There are several storage options you can take when integrating garage slatwall ideas into your craft supplies. There are hooks, baskets, shelving, and pegs all available as slatwall additions. As time goes on and as your craft space changes, slatwall will allow for items to be rearranged to make your space the most efficient it can be.  

6. Throw Dog Food on Your Garage Slatwall 

Ok, it is not the same as tossing a salad, or throwing spaghetti on the wall to see if it sticks, but here is a creative idea for those who are sick of tripping over bags of dog food. There are bins and shelves that can be added to slatwall to allow a place for your pet’s food to be stored, along with the box of treats, outdoor toys, and walking leash.  

Closing Thoughts 

When it comes to garage slatwall ideas, the possibilities are endless. In short, garage slatwall can be implemented nearly anywhere in the garage. It can help you layout and store items that often-otherwise stockpile, get lost, or multiply with repurchasing. Using slatwall can redeem otherwise useless space and can grant easy access to anything stored.

Thanks for reading, and as always, be sure to keep it tuned to The Garage Junkie for all of your garage’s FYI and DIY needs!

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