NewAge Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets – Owner’s Review

Picture with me, if you will, my old garage. 50-year-old house, two-car garage that had been largely a dusty, cluttered “original” until I came along. It was filled with ancient tools and whatnots from my wife’s late grandfather, and to add to the clutter, the disaster known as my untidy workbench.  We built some wooden shelving to try and make a place for some of my tools, leftover paint, and kid’s toys, but they were big, bulky and not overly user-friendly. When we moved into the new house and I had a nice garage, I knew that I wanted a nice setup and a good place to store my tools, yard stuff, kids’ toys and the like. (And no, the old old tools were no longer with us, so we freed up some space in the move for things we actually used).  

One of the things that I wanted was a nice set of garage storage cabinets. So, the month after we moved into the new house, the quest began to find high quality, affordable garage storage cabinet system that would fit my needs. Hopefully you will be able to learn from my research, and some of my mistakes when it came to my decision purchasing the Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinet from NewAge Products. 

Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinet are perfect for nearly any garage. From the features that are included or can be added to the cabinets. The multiple and versatile purchase and build options, to the easy installation process. There are pros and cons to any purchase, but the Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets from NewAge are a great product and a great value. 

Initial Research on Garage Storage Cabinets 

When I was looking at options for garage storage cabinets, I was nearly overwhelmed with the different options, sizing, and the different price points. Once we started to get settled in, I was finally able to really see the space we were working with. There are a lot of manufacturers out there, but I ended up deciding to go with NewAge because I really liked the Pro Series Wall Mounted Shelves that they had and had already decided to purchase once more of the garage was cleared of all the packed boxes. If you want to read our review on the wall-mounted shelving, click here

Since I have a standard 20’x20’ garage, I was trying to be conscious of how much space I had and what I was going to be storing in these garage storage cabinets. To keep as much space as possible for walkways, I went with the Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets. They are 18” in depth rather than the 24” Pro Series. For what we planned on storing in the cabinets, the weight capacity and the size would be perfect for our needs.  

Lastly, when we sold the old house, I left the workbenches, so I needed something with a countertop. Having this all-in-one option really made it easier and is something that I did not have before. And with the upper cabinets having lights installed under them, it is easy to see what I am working on. 

Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinet Features 

The Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets from NewAge Products are powder coated and come either in gray and black or red and black. Every cabinet has lockable doors for additional security. One thing that made me laugh since I purchased the 7-cabinet set is that I got a set of keys for each cabinet. They are all keyed the same, so I do not technically need to keep the 14 keys in my possession, but I find it funny. 

Here are some of the additional features and options:  

Multi-use Locker (Tall Cabinets) 

The shelves have adjustable height options and have a shelf weight capacity is 150 lbs. The cabinets come with a removable closet rod allowing for hanging storage.   

Rolling Tool Cabinet 

The rolling tool cabinet has 4 full-extension drawers with a weight capacity of 100 lbs. per drawer. It has inset side handles on either side and sits on anti-tip, locking casters. The height is 33” (including the casters) which allow it to roll under the working countertop for simple storage. 

2-Door Base Cabinet 

The base cabinet has one adjustable shelf with a weight capacity of 200 lbs. The countertop can be secured to these cabinets, so it does not require that you bookend your garage storage cabinets with two tall cabinets.  

Wall Cabinet 

The wall cabinets do not have any additional shelving within, but they are able to support 100 lbs. each. They can be bolted together and/or into the wall. They come with an attachable valance for under cabinet lighting, but the LED lighting kits are a separate purchase.   

Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinet Versatile Purchase Options 

One of the reasons I chose to purchase my NewAge garage storage cabinets is because of the layout and cabinet options they had available. Depending on your space, or garage layout, you might need to get creative with placement, height, width, length, and so on. In my situation, I purchase the 7-cabinet layout of the Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets from NewAge (If you see 8-piece in the title, the 8th piece is the worktop). It worked best in my case because the back wall of my garage has the house entry door and the water filter book casing the space that I have for my garage storage cabinets. 

Some of the options available to one looking to purchase garage storage cabinets are: 

  • Cabinets only 
  • Optional workbench 
  • Corner Cabinets – Allowing the cabinet system traverse from one wall to the next 
  • Rolling tool chests 
  • Workbench material options (bamboo or stainless steel) 
  • Slatwall backers 

Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinet Installation Review 

Once the cabinets were delivered, the installation was rather easy. I would suggest having another person assist when you are connecting the cabinets together. They are not overly heavy, but in a few situations having someone else be able to insert a bolt while you place the nut is beneficial.  

The Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets came basically assembled and were delivered on a pallet. They were boxed securely but were also easy to separate and get ready for installation. The smaller cabinets, five in my situation, were stored and shipped within the two large cabinets that I had purchased. The countertop was boxed and strapped to the large cabinets. 

When it came to prepping the large cabinets so that the others might be installed, it only took a few simple steps. Using some sawhorses, the feet needed to be screwed into the bottom of the large cabinets. Once that was complete, they were basically ready and were able to be pushed into place. Once the large cabinets were in their general area, the others were able to be screwed and connected, spanning between the two big cabinets.  

Besides screwing in the feet or the rolling casters, the rest of the installation was basic plug-and-play. The only part that required a little more work for me, since I chose the cabinet set with the bamboo countertop, was the installation of the countertop required that I make pilot holes before I screwed in and secured the countertop.  

Overall, the Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets were shipped secure and had no damage. They were easy to complete the assembly and with a friend we were able to get them put together and moved in place.  

Pros and Cons Summary 

After having the Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets installed and have had some time to use, here are the pros and cons that I would consider. 


  • Scratch-resistant powder coating 
  • Versatile installation and packaging options 
  • Adjustable shelves and closet rod 
  • Lockable 
  • Rolling tool cabinet 
  • Lighting kits available 
  • Holes for cable management 


  • 24-gauge steel (Wish it was 18-gauge) 
  • Handles on the cabinets can flex somewhat 

Should I Buy the Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets? 

If you are looking at buying these Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets, here is my blunt and honest opinion. Overall, these are very nice cabinets. I like the versatile options and I was able to make the most out of the wall space I had between my entry door and the water filter. 

The metal feels a little thin and is the reason why I wish it would have been made out of 18-gauge steel rather than 24-gauge. But keep in mind what I am using these garage cabinets for, they are more than sturdy enough to hold my tools.  

If your work or hobbies, or the tools you are going to be storing, could beat up some garage storage cabinets, I would suggest going with the Pro Series Garage Storage Cabinets. If you are expecting normal use, these cabinets will do the job. 


If I was going to be honest, I have said several times I wish I would have gone with the Pro Series cabinets; but I do not have a good reason for feeling that way. These cabinets are very well built, sturdy, and provide the storage options that my wife and I needed for our garage. They lock which keeps small hands from opening them and potentially getting hurt. They hold my tools and the rolling cabinet is fantastic for projects done in the garage or driveway. The Bold Series Garage Storage Cabinets are a great buy, and for the money, they are nearly perfect for any situation.

Thanks for reading, and as always, be sure to keep it tuned to The Garage Junkie for all of your garage’s FYI and DIY needs! 

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