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Why Does My Garage Floor Sweat

My dad and I were talking on the phone the other day. He lives in Florida and I am out here in Arizona. He was giving me the rundown on a few projects he has been working on, and he was saying he was having some issues with his garage floor sweating. I had never…

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How to Tackle Garage Floor Cracks

I recently went to a buddy’s house to see how he was doing with his latest project. He told me that he was planning to change the look of the flooring in his garage. He had some large foam mats that he wanted to throw away so he could add sealant and epoxy to the concrete for…

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How To Prep, Seal, and Epoxy Your Garage

When we lived in our old house, I never worried too much about sealing or painting the garage floor. We had a large crack in the concrete floor from the house settling, and I never saw a good reason to try to repair it. When it came to the new house though, I wanted to have the garage floor sealed and painted with epoxy. So, before…

How to Clean a Garage Floor (1)

How To Clean A Garage Floor

At our old house, maintaining the garage itself was always somewhat of a project. The garage floor had splatters of paint, grease, wood stain, oil, and other stuff that I was never able to identify. Whatever it was, it was a stubborn material that was very difficult to remove. Even though we eventually sold that house and now have…

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Hey, my name is Jon Reynolds and my wife, LeeAnn, and I are the voices behind The Garage Junkie. All my life I have been a tinkerer out in the garage and when my wife and I purchased our new home in May of 2019, we were starting with a fresh pallet and new challenges. The Garage Junkie is a website spurred from the challenges we discovered and topics we stumbled on while researching for our own garage upgrades.

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